Project title Creating of preconditions for revival of traditional crafts in the cross-border region
Lead Partner(name/country) NGO Balkan Development Team
Other partner/s Partner No.1: Korenyak FoundationPartner No.2: City Municipality Pantelej
Priority axis Axis 2: Enhancing capacity for joint planning, problem solving and development
Area of intervention 2.3. People to people actions
Duration (in months) Twelve (12) months
Total budget (in €)  97 454,87 €
Project Objectives The overall objective of the project is to create favorable preconditions for revival of traditional crafts in cross border region (such as pottery, knitting, smothery – small forge shops, sewing traditional garments, leather processing, herb growing, souvenirs, , carpenters, and old icon painting etc).The specific objectives of the Project are to:
(i) Contribute to promotion of traditional crafts for the region as a tool to sustainable economic development and tourism;
(ii) Encourage local population – especially younger generation – to take up a traditional craft as a business;
(iii) Stimulate exchange of experience among traditional craft producers on both sides of the border.
(iv) Contribute to cultural cooperation through development of new exhibitions among traditional craft producers.
Project Activities Activity 1: Preparation and Communication activities
Activity 2: Opening conference
Activity 3: Cross border assessment of conditions for revival of traditional crafts
Activity 4: Development of cross border Strategy for revival of traditional crafts in the selected area
Activity 5: Adaptation of the courtyard in the facility “House of traditional crafts” owned by City Municipality of Pantelej
Activity 6: Development of project web site and catalogue of traditional craftsmen in selected cross border region
Activity 7: Organization of two Round Tables (one in Bulgaria and one in Serbia) traditional crafts
Activity 8: Organization of cross border fair of traditional crafts
Activity 9: Closing conference
Project Results - Cross border Strategy and Action plan for revival of traditional crafts prepared
- Cross border catalogue of traditional craftsmen prepared
- Development of project web site
- Partnership created among old craftsmen associations established
- Partnership among cross border secondary schools and Business Support Organizations established
Target Groups Target group 1: Traditional crafts producers from the selected cross border region
Target group 2: Old crafts associations from the selected cross border region
Target group 3: Educational institutions (secondary high school from selected cross border region)
Target group 4: Business supporting organizations (Regional chamber of commerce, Regional development agencies, SMEs associations) from selected cross border region