Project: „Creating of preconditions for revival of traditional crafts in the cross-border region” number 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-057 under the Bulgaria – Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme

Project partners:

brtNGO Balkan Development Team (BDT)
NGO Balkan Development Team (BDT) was founded in September 2004 as a citizen’s association in the City of Nis.
The organization was founded by experienced consultants with deep knowledge and know how preparation and implementation of different EU, US and UN funded programs and projects in Serbia and all over the Balkan region. BDT founders and staff are among those Serbians, who began working with international and local organizations and institutions in Serbia following the restoration of democracy in October, 2000. Today, they are carrying onwards new ideas, change, knowledge and expertise in order to develop Serbia for the future, combining awareness of social, economic and political trends which exist outside of the country with understanding of their nation’s mind, setting and needs.

korenyakFoundation “Korenyak
Foundation “Korenyak” is a Non-governmental and non-profit organization, registered in 2009, having its headquarters in Sofia city.
Foundation “Korenyak” is established, aiming the following objectives:
- Research the experience of other countries in the field of healthcare, education, science, culture, and technologies, as well as, raising awareness in the mentioned above fields in the Bulgarian society;
- Contribution for obtaining social significant cultural and sports activity;
- Environmental protection.
Team members and coworkers of Foundation “Korenyak” have worked successfully on more than 95 projects since 1999. Their experiences include the following programs: PHARE, including cross-border cooperation (Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, and Greece), other programs of the European Commission like (Youth Program, Socrates, Citizens for Europe, 7th Framework Program, ALTERNER, etc.). Lately the activities of Foundation “Korenyak” is focused on National Operative programs, such as: “Competitiveness”, “Regional Development”, “Administrative Capacity”, “Human Resource Development”, as well as, “Program for Development of Rural Areas”.

nis_logoCity Municipality of Pantelej
Since its forming in 2004. City Municipality of Pantelej has focused its efforts in development of projects funded by EU and other donors in order to raise its own capacities, as well capacities of beneficiaries and citizens on its territory. The municipalty has experience in working in CBC with Bulgarian municipalities under the Programme Bulgaria/Serbia.